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Reiki From Lourdes

Thank you for your interest in contacting Lourdes! 

She loves to respond to inquiries from her students and any from the general public about her Reiki sessions, classes, readings, and other services. 


If you have a question about Reiki that isn't related to her services (or would like to ask her about other energy work) a Personalized Consultation may be just what you need! Learn more about Personalized Consultations here

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Lourdes can be found on many social media platforms including the following:

YouTube -  RestRelaxationReiki

Facebook - @ReikifromLourdes

Instagram - ReikifromLourdes

Tumblr - ReikifromLourdes

LinkedIn - Lourdes Lebron

Twitter - ReikifromLourdes

Pinterest - ReikifromLourdes