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Reiki Sessions


Whether you're interested in general Reiki Sessions or specialized sessions (ex. Past Lives or Soul Retrieval) there are a variety to support you with your goals.  Experience Reiki on my YouTube Channel to see if it's a good fit for you! 

Reiki Programs


Reiki Programs are a great way to receive a multitude of Reiki videos that help you attain your goal. From prosperity to love, you can a find a program that will help you make your dream into a reality.  

Reiki Classes


Interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master? Lourdes offers several Reiki Attunements from Traditional Usui Reiki to more advanced  Master Level Courses. It's a wonderful way to advance your spiritual journey, or help others on theirs! 

Intuitive Readings


When you need some guidance on what direction to take, or validation that you're on the right course, an Intuitive /Crystal Card reading can provide clarity. A combination of card readings and meditations are used to provided you with the information you need to move forward. 

Reiki Videos


Reiki Videos are another way of bringing Reiki into your life. They send personalized Reiki to help you with your goals - all from the convenience of a wi-fi connected device! Experience Reiki on my YouTube Channel to see if it's a good fit for you!  



For anyone looking to bring any type of love energy into your life (romantic, peace for family, getting over grief/break up etc..), check out our grid book where each picture and the book has been infused with Reiki for love! Can be purchased at this link.

Reiki helps to restore balance & harmony to the mind, body and spirit

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