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"I am physically more relaxed and at peace in her  presence and after our  sessions together. Her ability to intuit where my body  needs help  never  ceases to amaze me! The healing process she ignites in my mind   and  spirit is equally as rewarding and I have changed, definitely and    positively for the better, since I began a regular treatment schedule.   Lourdes is truly  wonderful to work with and the strength and skill  with  which she practices  Reiki is a gift anyone will appreciate!”   ~  Liz  

 "In times of doubt and confusion, if you find  yourself struggling  for  answers and reassurances from outside of  yourself Lourdes can  guide you  inwards to help you realize the powerful  resources already  within you,  with which you can bring about your own  magnificent  transformations.   In her unique ways she can assist you in  learning to  take on a world  intent on delivering a constant stream of  anxieties  and uncertainties,  and in manifesting your heart-felt goals  and  desires.  Her gentle  inspirations reach me each day."   ~ Maria K  

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