FAQ - Reiki Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki loosely translates into universal energy. Different cultures have different names for this energy (chi, ki, prana, and grace to name a few), but they all refer to the same life force flowing through us all. 

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a complementary energy modality that works best when used with allopathic medicine. It follows the principles of quantum physics and is sent through intention. Consequently Lourdes can send Reiki to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. 

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki works by releasing energetic blockages on physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels. When the blockages are released, the mind and body can relax. Relaxing the mind allows for easier movement through life and it's challenges. Releasing stress and relaxing the body allows the body to feel better.

What happens when you purchase a session for yourself or another person?

 mWhen you purchase a session, Lourdes receives a notice and contacts you via email within 24 hours from the Paypal email. If this address is different than the one you are currently using, please contact Lourdes first through this link. The email will include questions about the best date and time for the session, and if applicable, the intention for the session.

If you are purchasing a session for another person, please make sure that you have their permission before purchasing a session. The session notes need to be sent directly to the recipient. 

What can you expect to feel from a session?

To receive the optimum benefits it is recommended that you are able to sit down or rest on a bed during the session. Please turn off any device that may ring or go off during the session. At that time you may feel many things or nothing at all. What you feel depends on your level of energy sensitivity. Some people feel tremors, vibrations, temperature changes, or at peace; others hear voices, see colors, or even fall asleep. Every session is different, and what is felt can be vary from person to person and from session to session. 

What happens after a sesson?

After a session, a person should rest, drink water, and ground their energy. Grounding can be achieved by eating protein or dark chocolate. Recipients should drink at least 1-2 glasses of water to help move all the blocked energy that was released. Rest is highly recommended for the new few hours; some individuals who are very sensitive may want to avoid large groups of people the next day.   

FAQ - Reiki Classes

What is the difference between all the different types of Reiki?

Usui Reiki, or Traditional Reiki, is the original form of Reiki channeled by Dr. Usui. Since his time, other Reiki practitioners have channeled different forms of Reiki. Each form can be considered a specialization that has a unique vibration and focus.  

How are classes taught?

Classes are taught through instructional videos and manuals/handouts. 

How long does it take to go through a Reiki course?

Classes are learned at your own pace. You can take a week, a month, a year, or even more if needed.  

How is the Reiki attunement done?

The attunement is done through distance Reiki at a date and time that are convenient for you.  

What happens after the attuenement?

Lourdes sends you notes within 24 hours of receiving the attunement. She recommends at least 21 days of using Reiki on yourself before working on others.  

How soon after a level can I move onto the next level?

Lourdes suggests waiting at least 21 days before moving onto another level. This allows your mind, body, and spirit to acclimate to the energy you now channel.

What makes Lourdes different from other Reiki Masters?

As a mentor Lourdes supports you through all stages of your Reiki journey. Lifetime guidance is given to anyone who has been attuned to Usui Reiki by her.  Free re-attunements are also available if you should ever feel the need for them. When a person purchases a Reiki class or a session, you are paying for her time, not the Reiki. She offers many free Reiki videos and photos to all to benefit from on her social media pages. 

What is Lourdes experienced in?

Lourdes is a Reiki Master, intuitive, crystal healer, and spiritual advisor. Besides being an Usui Reiki Master, she has been attuned to many other forms of Reiki. Please see the About Lourdes page for more information on her energy work background and certifications. 

Who can take advanced level classes?

Advanced level classes are for anyone trained in Usui Reiki Level 3 and above. For some advanced classes the prerequisite is Lourdes' Reiki Level 2 and Master Class. (Lourdes' classes include symbols not traditionally found in Usui Reiki that may be needed for the advanced class.) If you are not sure what the prerequisites for an advanced class are, please contact Lourdes at this link.

FAQ - Readings

How do you approach readings?

The essence of my readings is best stated by the Rolling Stones " You can't always get what you want....You get what you need."

Readings are intended to help a person on their life's journey. Therefore, information received during the session is only for the person receiving the reading. 

Readings can provide information on the past, present, or future. This information can be expressed in words, feelings, or images. While many impressions and options may come through, some more strongly than others, a person always has the free will to either follow the suggestions or ignore them.

Information about the present or future may not be clear because the events are ongoing and not written in stone. There are still factors at play which may not be apparent at this time. By receiving a clear cut answer, you may prevent yourself from undergoing a learning period that is essential for your soul's growth.

Rather than asking: " What will happen when....?" A better question would be: " How can I improve my chances of getting [insert your idea] in my life?" For example, instead of asking " Is he/she the one for me?" Try asking, "How can I bring more romance into my life?"

The most important aspects of any reading are to receive validation for what you already know and receive insight as to what you need to do next to bring more peace into your life's path. The reading will give you ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to help you on this journey. Please feel free to take notes and be open to what the universe communicates to you.

How are readings done?

Readings are sent via email (after communication about the subject) and the email will include Reiki energy to help you understand and integrate the universe's messages into your life. The reading will be sent to everyone within seven days of receiving the payment. If you have any questions about this process, please use this link to contact Lourdes

FAQ - Reiki Video Programs & Interactive Classes

How does a Reiki video program work?

After a program is purchased Lourdes sends an email with an instructional handout, tips on how to get the most out of the program, and how to access the videos included in the program.  You will have indefinite access to these materials, and can re-use the program whenever you feel the need to do so. 

What Reiki video programs are available?

Lourdes currently offers a Reiki Financial Freedom Program and is developing other ones for love and psychic ability. 

How do interactive classes work?

Interactive classes are done through Zoom (specifically Zoom Meetings). Unless otherwise noted, the classes will allow you to see and speak with Lourdes, and Lourdes to see and speak with you. When possible, they will be recorded and the replay link will be sent to you. You will have access to the replay for 7 days and must download it to your computer during that time if you wish to have a permanent record of the class.  

FAQ - Reiki Videos & Reiki Photos

How do I use Reiki Videos?

Reiki videos are best used one at a time. In fact, if you are very sensitive to energy you may want to try receiving the energy for one minute as time. To receive the energy simply play the video, close your eyes, sit or lay down in a comfortable position, relax, and let the Reiki flow to you. For more information, please check out this playlist.

How do I use Reiki infused photos?

Reiki Infused photos carry the intention of the Reiki named in the title. To  receive the energy simply open the photo on your device, close your eyes, sit  or lay down in a comfortable position, relax, and let the Reiki flow to you. Besides the ones on the Reiki infused photos available on this website, Lourdes has more posted daily on her YouTube Community tab, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts.