Reiki Session Testimonials


"I am very  sensitive to energy so I could feel when you started and ended the session. I love it!!  My hands and arms get so  warm and relaxed. Then my whole body felt relaxed and would get slight twitches in  random lower back... My eyes were closed and I saw cloud-like movements of colors. Gorgeous!!”  ~ J. D.          

"I have been working with Lourdes for over 10 years, either in person or by distance, and the results I receive from Lourdes are, well, astounding. There is a peace when the shift of energy beings to  work that just flows like the perfect beach day.  Some of the  attunements are emotional, but worth it.  I've learned to cry if I have  to, be angry for a day, sleep, indulge in the comfort foods, go for a  walk, talk to my Higher Power (God) when I need clarification, or just  sit quietly and reflect. 

I can not accurately put into words what the Reiki  feels  like physically because everyone is different, but what I will tell you  is to try it.  Consider it a gift from the Universe. Lourdes has my  absolute faith and trust; she is honest in her work, in her fees, in her  beliefs and in her explanations. If it's the money part of it, I get  that.  Take advantage of the free Reiki offers, see how you do with  those, and then save the money or splurge the money on the opportunity  to begin healing."  ~M.          

"I am a full paying client  for me and my family's engagement of Lourdes' services ranging from Reiki, past  life clearing to soul  retrieval sessions. I am also a certified Reiki level one and two student to Lourdes' classes. 

All these started from me simply utilizing the free resources made  available by  Lourdes' RestRelaxationReiki Youtube channel. I love my  experiences from  working with Lourdes' works for a month and over in  the beginning of time. This  helped me gain trust and confidence to  invest in her provided services that led  me to where I am today. 

Lourdes alongside with the support of her family, is highly quality,  talented  and knowledgeable in the areas of the services she provides.  She is also highly  open, kind, loving, sincere and a great listener! If  you feel drawn to her and  her work, I highly suggest that you consider  working with her further through  RestRelaxationReiki's provided  services. If you feel that you need more time to  deliberate, continue  to do so while utilizing all the free videos she puts out  regularly. 

I genuinely feel so honored to be a student of Lourdes as well as a  client of  RestRelaxationReiki. I hope you feel the same at some point  in time too - per  divine order and time."  ~N.S.   

 "I did Kundalini Reiki after practicing Usui Reiki for 2.5 years.  Kundalini Reiki brought a very strong and grounding energy into my life.  During the detox i purged some deep-seated anger and fear from many  many lifetimes. Post the detox, this attunement brought me back to earth  in a lovely way! Infact my overall energy in life has improved greatly.  Increased concentration in meditation, increased stamina and higher  resilience are just some of the changes. Kundalini Reiki has also been a  dream come true in terms of healing trauma from the past as well. I  feel like it gets to the root of the situation and pulls it out for  good. I feel like if Usui Reiki is our connection to heavens then  Kundalini Reiki is our connection to Mother Earth and it really  stabilised my energy as a practitioner."  ~ S. K          

"All attunements been special for me, and always the next  one feels more powerful. I always feel excitement before an attunement  and curios of how will be. During the attunement I’m usually aware where the energy is  flowing, it can feel like a nice energy massage and it will make you  more aware of where are you’re blockages.  

My special attunement it was my last one of course :), the  clairvoyance attunement. The energy felt very strong during the  attunement, especially in my third eye and root chakra. That’s not a  small think but for now I find more important how you feel after the  attunement. And I do feel great. All the pressure in my head it’s gone,  the pressure in my ears it’s gone. I feel clear minded and a sense of  ease. 

We may know it mentally but after Reiki attunement you will  know it with all your being that we are more than flesh and blood, we  are energy :). I’m grateful for my teacher for being always there, patient and kind."  ~ C.M.  

"Reiki helped me to alleviate a lot of the  my frustration, anxiety and helplessness. It is a wonderful tool for personal healing and inner transformation.I feel confident, and the most happy I have ever been. Thank you, Lourdes : ) "  ~V. V.         

"If i have to summarise this attunement in 2 words i would say it's like  - 'Coming Home'. This attunement vastly opens up the energy channels!  Everyone i sent Reiki to wrote back saying that the sessions have been  extremely powerful post this session. I hardly had any detox from this  one. Feels like my soul was waiting for this attunement for an eternity.  It somehow brings a deep sense of faith and connection to the universe.  Dai Ko Myo holds a very special place in my heart, it's the one symbol  that helps me with every problem under the sun! The biggest gift of  level 3 is however the ability to be able to pass on the gift of Reiki  to people. Which surpasses everything else."  ~ S. K.  

"I usually struggle with getting answers from the universe even if they  are spiritual in nature. But ever since this attunement I have felt such  a strong connection! I write down a question or a wish in my journal  and the next day I have an answer. I have also started writing a lot  more than before suddenly! And such profound thoughts that I astonish  myself. So many long-standing confusions in my head are resolving so  rapidly the last 2-4 days that I can’t believe it. I have pretty much  been activating this energy handless ALL day and it’s been wonderful. I  have sent this energy to a few of my friends and they experienced  visions of outer space and other galaxies. It was as if they took a  spaceship ride across the universe and came back. Some even experienced a  complete balancing of the left and right hemispheres."   ~S.K.


"This has probably been the most spiritual attunement of my  life. I have had many deep spiritual experiences in just the past week  itself. It's like i am not the same person i was before this attunement.  I have also been detoxing a lot from my throat - crying out grief from  God knows which past lives! Maybe it's because it's the first time my  Thymus was attuned. 

Gold Reiki is very powerful to connect to deities!! I am a  very devotional person by nature but last week all of a sudden all  deities have suddenly become a lot more alive than what i used to be.  It's like i have access to realms i didn't before. I am guided to attune  myself in the past to both these energies tonight, can't wait to see  what comes up :)  Your fibonacci symbol added another boost to the already boosted energy."   ~S.K.

"I always love your energy and you have helped me so much.  Thank you. Sincerely  ~ T.L." 

"Thank you so much for everything you do! I found your YouTube  channel a few weeks ago and after a series I of life setbacks I’m  finally  feeling so much better and able to start on a new journey."   ~ P.L. 

"At first I felt a lot going on in the lower chakras and stomach  area.   The next was blue white swirling colors maybe with a ball shape  at one end on my head.   And last was a really wild one with all I can  describe it as was a giant sparkly hug around my chest that made me  lol! That was wild."  ~ D.T.S


"I have enjoyed many different experiences with Reiki over the years,  but none more so than the Past Life Regression and Reiki Treatment I  recently received.  Although I was a little afraid to revert back in  time, the experience has been an amazing and comforting one.  If you're  looking to do this, but have doubts, GET OVER THEM and do it.  Lourdes  introduces the experience in her typical fashion with superior  knowledge, compassion, and gentle guidance.  Worth the time!"   ~ Maria S. 


"Working with Lourdes has sped up my journey to a healthier life in    the most amazing way. My sessions with her have been comforting,  enlightening   and always healing. They, as well as Lourdes constant  support in between   sessions, are a part of my life that I am very  grateful for."   ~ Paula 


"Lourdes is the most amazingly gifted healer I have ever held the  pleasure and honor of knowing.  She has a beautifully open radiant heart   filled with deep kindness and compassion for all beings in both the  spiritual  and physical realms.   Lourdes  shares her gifts freely and  selflessly as she fulfills her soul’s highest intention  in this  lifetime -giving in loving service to others for which there is no  greater  purpose in the Universe. 

Lourdes’s  reiki sessions are magnificently powerful beyond that which  words can  express.  I have experienced several  reiki healing sessions  with Lourdes  and received my Reiki II and Reiki Masters instruction and  certifications from  her.  Lourdes’s gifts as a mentor are as divinely  brilliant  as her gifts as a healer for she is an incredible intuitive,  immensely sage and  lovingly nurturing.

Since working with Lourdes  my life has forever transformed.  Through   her awesome healing abilities, Lourdes  has helped me release the toxic  energy lodged deep within, acting as an  impermeable barrier and  preventing me from manifesting my soul’s deepest  desires. 

When I first met Lourdes,  I felt as if my life was falling apart and  the walls were caving in.  I was terrified - employed in an extremely   hostile work environment that was causing my health to deteriorate  rapidly. 

Shortly after beginning my reiki sessions with Lourdes, I began to   manifest feelings of deeper inner-strength, empowerment and  self-confidence.  My faith in the Universe had been renewed as I  began  to trust that It was always conspiring in my favor for my highest and   greatest good and that of everyone concerned.    Eventually, I became  empowered to the point of walking away from the job  that was draining  the life force from me – something I would have never had the  courage  to do in the past. 

As a result of this deep inner healing work, my  health has  improved exponentially and I feel twenty years younger.  My  uninhibited fairy energy is restored and  it is light and free and  filled with renewed exuberance and enthusiasm for life  once more.  My  digestive system, which  was so terribly compromised, has returned to an  almost perfect state.  My blood pressure and heartbeat which had  been  abnormally escalating is now calm and at ease.  The anxiety attacks and  low blood sugar drops  have subsided.  There is peace and  harmony in my  world. 

I will forever be grateful to the Ascended Masters and  Spirit Guides  who divinely orchestrated my path to cross with Lourdes’s.   While there  will always be inner-work to do, I have permanently transcended  in  consciousness and have grown tremendously in Spirit. 

I have recommended Lourdes’s  vast healing abilities to all my friends  and now they are loyal clients and  amongst her greatest fans. Lourdes  is a wonderful inspiration to us all – the world is much more beautiful  and blessed  place because she is in it.”  ~ Lisa 


“Working with Lourdes is healing on  just about every level. I am  physically more relaxed and at peace in her  presence and after our  sessions together. Her ability to intuit where my body  needs help never  ceases to amaze me! The healing process she ignites in my mind  and  spirit is equally as rewarding and I have changed, definitely and   positively for the better, since I began a regular treatment schedule.  Lourdes is truly  wonderful to work with and the strength and skill with  which she practices  Reiki is a gift anyone will appreciate!”   ~ Liz 


“I have been on a very intense spiritual journey and  going through undiagnosed medical issues for the past 10 years and since over  100 doctors have failed me, I found alternative modes of healing.  I   have been to many types of so called "healing" practitioners who   promise health and clarity and to no avail I hadn't found one  practitioner who could successfully fulfill this vow, until I met with  Lourdes.   

Lourdes is more than an Reiki Master, but a true gifted healer. Since  I  started seeing Lourdes  my life has made so many positive changes that I  cannot believe it.  The areas of my life that have been  blocked have  started to open up and the majority my physical symptoms have suddenly  disappeared.  It is amazing to see the transformation that  is occurring  in my life, not only physically, but emotionally and  spiritually.  Lourdes  has opened past wounds and helped me heal them,  which in turn has helped me manifest the changes I wanted in my  life.   

To me, Lourdes  embodies so many qualities that to say that she  is gifted is an understatement. Her warmth, her true commitment  to healing supersede any other practitioner I have ever worked  with. Lourdes does  not do her work because she can, but because she  wants to heal and because she cares.  I have sent many friends to  Lourdes and each one has come away from the experience as if they were  reborn.   To me Lourdes  embodies the essence of a healer, giving  unconditional love, light and energy.  I cannot thank Lourdes enough for  her continued healing hands and light....they continue to change my  world.”   ~ Rosie 


"I waited for years to find someone like Lourdes! I had read about   Reiki, researched it, and even sent out feelers for prices. They came  back too  high and the people insincere.  When I met up with Lourdes in  late March of 2007 I knew my wait  was worth it.  Over the past 7 or 8  months my entire journey has changed,  the blocks and obstacles are  removing themselves, the energy is flowing easily  throughout my entire  body, including the Universe and I have learned so much  from Lourdes  there isn't enough room to write it! Respect, encouragement,  dignity, a  sincere embrace when a challenge is overcome, it's all Lourdes. I treat  myself  to a treatment every six's like a massage for the  Soul!"   ~ Maria 


“Not being a believer in Reiki, I went to Lourdes out of  sheer desperation when I was experiencing  chronic migraines at work.  Without even telling here where the pain was most prominent, she  immediately put  her hands on the back portion of my head and began  administering Reiki. Within  ten minutes the pain was almost completely  gone and with her suggestions for  follow up sessions the pain  completely subsided. I recommend her to anyone with  chronic pain and I  continue to seek her assistance for any aches and pains that  come up  during the day. Lourdes  is an absolute miracle worker.”   ~ Nicole


“I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Lourdes  for the  past year  and a half.  My experiences have been nothing short of  amazing.  Reiki  is a painless, non-invasive, natural, and highly effective  remedy and I  highly recommend Lourdes'  services as an experienced practitioner. 

My first treatments were for head colds.  In the  past, my colds always  moved into my lungs and before I received Reiki I was  finding myself in  the emergency room on a nebulizer.  I decided to try Lourdes' Reiki  treatment  and was extremely glad I did.  For 2 different colds, Lourdes  was able to redirect my energy and  keep the congestion from reaching  my lungs.  Soon after, my colds went  away.  

I have also been treated on 2 occasions for  insomnia.  Both times, I  was able to sleep soundly for 8 hours following  treatment after  numerous sleepless nights.  And continue sleeping for  subsequent  nights.  

Other successful treatments I have received have been  for headache and  irritable bowel syndrome.  It is truly wonderful to not  have to resort  to medication for any of my ailments.  Lourdes' Reiki always remedies  the  situation.    

Sometimes during treatment I will feel minimal  pressure, which Lourdes   quickly resolves.  I am always amazed when I feel energy moving in my   body.  I may see a specific color at times.  I find the treatments to   be very relaxing.  I highly recommend Reiki from Lourdes.  She has a  terrific  bedside manner and possesses a remarkable intuition.”  ~ Lauren


“I admit when you first told me about Reiki I was  skeptical but because  I know how caring and loving you are, and because I knew  that in your  heart of hearts, you want to help everyone get to a "better  place"  either physically or emotionally, and because I was in so much pain  in  both areas, I decided to try it.  I was astounded and I admit, a little   psyched out at first, but after a while, I could actually feel a   difference in how I felt.  To feel the warmth and serenity take the  place  of the cold and fear and pain was incredible.  To feel the  positive energy  flow in place of the negative...extraordinary!  As I  told you, I even used  what you'd taught me when I was in the hospital  to keep myself calm.  When  I came to you with thoughts and visions and  dreams and you saw that I had a  gift and helped me expand on it was  awesome.  I tell everyone about it and  you because if ever there was a  "mortal" sent to earth to help us  poor souls get through a strange,  difficult and often time painful life, it is  you.  Thank you.  For  everything.”   ~ Martha


I had just met Lourdes  when I had fallen and hit my head pretty hard. I  had a concussion and my vision  was blurred.  Lourdes  knew right away without me telling her what had happened to me.  So immediately without  hesitation she sent me Reiki and almost instantly I felt  better, both  physically and emotionally.  She did this for me every day  for about  one week.  When I went for my follow-up visit with my doctor, he couldn't believe how quickly my head injury had healed nor could he  believe I  didn't have any permanent damage to my eye from the fall.  Lourdes is truly amazing  and one of the best at her craft!  I don't  know what I would do without  her.”   ~ Robin

“My back was hurting from a furniture move. The pain  was in my lower  back and shoulders. Once Lourdes  started giving me Reiki, the pain went  away."   ~ Mike


“Had shoulder pain from a baseball injury Pain went  away after receiving Reiki once.”   ~ Slim


“The Reiki really lifted my spirits and it took away  the pain I was experiencing in my head, back, legs and feet.”    ~ Austin

“Reiki makes me feel so many different things. With Lourdes especially,  the  experience brings a range of intense emotions - healing, happiness,  relief,  excitement and sometimes even sadness. While we all have the  power to make  Reiki our own, it is my opinion few are true Reiki  masters. Anyone who has  spent time with Lourdes  knows that she is one  of these few...”   ~ Liz


“Felt relief from persistent elbow pain that wouldn't  go away. Has been a year and it hasn't come back. Only needed 1 session.”   ~ Todd



“Clearly having a bad day. With a small touch of your  magic I was  invigorated the rest of the day. This has happened several times since  that  day."   ~ Dante



"As my Reiki Master, co-worker, and good friend, I'm  intimately  familiar with Lourdes'  god-given healing sensibilities.  I confidently  and enthusiastically  recommend her services to anyone who is serious  about effecting real and  positive change in their life.  

From a very early age, Lourdes has been intimately familiar with her   intuitive abilities, empathic abilities, and has practiced a   stunningly wide array of different healing modalities.  This is  evident  in the profound insights and vast knowledge she has provided me with as   a student and client.  

All of this aside, what makes Lourdes so special and unique   is the sincerity and veracity of her words and actions.  Lourdes  approaches  everyone and everything in her life with the utmost love,  respect, and  passion and exudes an amazingly positive attitude.   Indeed, when  a person of such character and virtue wholeheartedly  dedicates her life to  healing others, healing becomes much more than a  meer passion, it is a mandate  from heaven."   ~ Roger 


"In times of doubt and confusion, if you find  yourself struggling for  answers and reassurances from outside of  yourself Lourdes can guide you  inwards to help you realize the powerful  resources already within you,  with which you can bring about your own  magnificent transformations.   In her unique ways she can assist you in  learning to take on a world  intent on delivering a constant stream of  anxieties and uncertainties,  and in manifesting your heart-felt goals  and desires.  Her gentle  inspirations reach me each day."   ~ Maria K 


"10.  Lourdes is a gifted   psychic/intuitive
9.     Lourdes is an talented and powerful   reike master
8.     Lourdes is an amazing mother to a very   psychic/intuitive family
7.     Lourdes is a kind and   supportive wife to Richard
6.     Lourdes has raised two beautiful,   sensitive and bright children
5.     Lourdes is a wonderful asset to her   employer
4.     Lourdes is a kind gentle guiding soul to the world around her
3.     Lourdes knows the importance of good energetic balance and is generous with
        sharing her knowlege.
2.     Lourdes is generous with her   support and kindness
Drum ba ba   ba...
1.  Lourdes is an amazing teacher and healer and friend.  I sense a   greater purpose is coming your way to serve the world on a much larger   scale.  I am honored to be learning and growing from you!"    ~ Mele, K.

Reiki Video Testimonials


"I had my ovaries removed in 2013 before I left the hospital the  nurse said that my doctor would give me HRT and when I spoke to my  doctor his reply was the hospital should have given you HRT......  3  months ago, after insisting on speaking to a female doctor I was given  HRT. They just made me suicidal and thrombosis so I stopped them and had  constant night sweats etc. so when I saw your one for balancing  hormones I was so pleased. Not one word of a lie I could feel the  cooling down in seconds and so try to use it every day until I can get a  doctor to listen to me. So again, a massive hug of gratitude to you for  sharing your gifts."   ~ M.C.

"I am honestly lost for words to describe how much you and your work has helped and is continuing to.

Sending a massive hug of gratitude and when I finally get this bad hernia mesh removed and get a job shall send cash too.

Again, I love your videos, the beautiful flowers are just wonderful and the cold chills I get when listening are spookiest but magnificent."   ~ M.C.  

"Thank you for this   video. As I played it, I felt my mind getting  clearer and clearer. It   was amazing to experience my thinking all  coming together like that.   I plan on listening to it more. I  appreciate you making this so accessible."     ~ Debbie R.   


"Also, I want to say,  I am loving the inner child Reike video.  I am  having some wonderful shifts with this one!  I am so grateful you are  creating these for everyone!  What a great and creative way to help  many people on a broader scope!"    ~ Mei K.  

"This is just so lovely   and wonderful - thank you so much for sharing it with us."   ~ Lisa   R. 

Hi Lourdes, I   keep forgetting to tell you how great the videos are. I  love the abundance   one and each time I watch I begin to write down all  the words that mean   abundance to me. With love I am sending you some  of what is on my list:   Abundance of: love, hope, warmth, caring,  energy, strength, health, giving back, peace, memories, strong breath,  clarity, focus, sharp mind,   respect, positive thoughts."    ~ Audrey W.  



"Thank you soo much.  I   just did it and felt the energy!! :-) "   ~ Monica R.  

"I LOVE your Reiki channel.   I just did a massive self cleaning while receiving your positive energy. Thank you."   ~ Giovanna A.  

"Thanks for these Lourdes. I have been keeping the videos running  often during the day while I   work and I do find they help with  clarity, calmness and more relaxation   while i'm on the computer or  working on a project."   ~ Paula O.


"I am so grateful for these videos and the ability as a  non-practitioner to now incorporate   Reiki into my everyday life. When  I'm on the computer working or brainstorming   or just catching up on  emails, I choose one that fits where 'I am' at   the given time and let  it replay! It's amazing to have this kind of   regular support. Thank  you!"   ~ Liz L.  

Hi   - I love your videos.....for me the most positive thing is having  the   experience at work. I can add them to my program and go about my  day.    Alot of gunk is being released and that's been an amazing  experience   for me."    ~ Maria S. 

"Thank  you so much for providing this Lourdes! Your videos have  helped me so much"    ~ M.G.  


For more testimonials Lourdes has over 786 videos on YouTube with many  more testimonials on each  video.

Reiki Program Testimonials


 "It has more than paid for itself in my opinion.  Within the first hour of playing the videos, I sold art and got a bunch of jobs.  That is truly amazing. 

After taking a break for a few days from it, I started again.. and sold another painting. 

Thank you so much, this is so much fun! This is so neat, and I love that you did it. 

You have certainly been holding back on us with the intensity of energy.. these will knock your socks off lol 

Thanks Lourdes 

Blessings!"  D.S. T.